[ ] US losing in Afghanistan: Like Viet Cong, Taliban knows that waiting it out will defeat invaders
[ ] Britain's pensions black hole grows to nearly £190bn as two in three schemes are in the red
[ ] Tensions looming in East Med
[ ] Turkey increases tariffs on U.S.-origin products
[ ] Trump Revokes Security Clearance Of Former CIA Director John Brennan
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[ ] Japan, US Authorities Investigate Apple Under Anti-Monopoly Act
[ ] KCNA: Putin wyraził chęć spotkania z Kim Dzong Unem
[ ] Prezes Fundacji Otwarty Dialog deportowana na Ukrainę. Ma zakaz wstępu do Polski
[ ] Italian debt hit by fresh sell-off
[ ] Qatar Comes to Rescue as Turkey Moves to Avert Financial Crisis
[ ] Oil prices sink 3% after big, unexpected jump in US crude stockpiles
[ ] Alex Jones Demands Right to Congressional Hearing
[ ] US Household Debt Hits Record $13.3 Trillion
[ ] Caspian deal an antidote to Washington’s bullyboy tactics
[ ] Russia Says Dollar's Days Numbered as Global Trade Currency