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1. Tell us more about yourself. What you have done before XXX, your educational background, hobbies, and anything you can share.
2. How did you get into blockchain? What is your role in project? What excites you most in this project.
3. Tell us more about XXX, what problems it solves? What is the application scenario? What is your happiest and saddest moment while developing it?
4. Tell us about the tokenomics and how individual investors like our community members can participate in and benefit from it?
5. The blockchain and crypto markets have been changing. What do you want to see in the near future for this industry?

7. What is your outlook on the future of #LRC in crypto? What can you do to keep increasing adoption to the whole industry?
8. How #XXX Protocol provides features of the platform, security aspects, and long term benefits in the current market in all investors?
9. The KEYS of the REVENUE that will power the platform’s future development and success is COSTUMERS What is your BUSINESS MODEL that highly beneficial for your Costumers in able to generate Revenue?

10. What's your marketing plan? when will the marketing be launched?
11. What are the plans to attract big investors?
"Błogosławieni, którzy potrafią śmiać się :dobre z własnej głupoty, albowiem będą mieć ubaw do końca dni swoich"