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: wt 02 lut 2021, 22:20
autor: bmen
$DGCL - @DigiColofficial


DigiCol Telegram:

''One-click NFT creation with no coding required''
You can link digital collectibles or gaming objects to these NFT ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

DigiCol is the first platform to empower users with one-click NFT creation. Moreover, users will be able to trade NFTs in the DigiCol marketplace without the hassles of connecting to a third-party wallet.

get loans in $BTC $ETH $DGCL use NFT's as collateral.

$DGCL: seem to be a better $RARI

What is the role of the DGCL Token?
- The platform is used to reward digital collectible creators every time their collectible is being traded;
- Collectors who showcase their collectibles will be rewarded in DGCL;
- Liquidity providers will be rewarded in DGCL;
- Governance

TOKEN SALE - 24.12

Backed by Andy Cheung. - ACDX exchange, workred closly with Jack Ma ( alibaba)

Right pointing backhand index Pokémon Go CMO onboard for Marketing. Eyes

Right pointing backhand index $1.4M MC with 20M Circ. Supply.

LINKI ... 76d49c805b

TW ... 84e0c1d933