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o Zegarkach

: śr 12 gru 2018, 13:09
autor: admin
gdyby ktoś sobie chciał poczytać o prawdziwych zegarkach i ich lidze to polecam ... ds-ranking

The 14 Ranking Criteria:

Long and respected history
Limited supply – large demand
Whether or not the brand is a fully independent watchmaker
Pioneering spirit and innovations
Impact on watchmaking history and modern culture
General in-house production (meaning every aspect of the manufacture is in-house)
In-house made movements
Movement complications
Steel grade
Build quality
Price range
Good resale value
Market presence/Market share/Market dominance

Rank 3: Audemars Piguet
Rank 2: Vacheron Constantin
Rank 1: Patek Philippe